Premium Luxury by Eva Gabor - Lace Front + Hand Tied Top

Premium Luxury is an angle cut page with a lace front and a hand tied top.

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Premium Luxury has the layers and bangs you love from the original style, Premium. With an extended lace front and hand tied top, this synthetic style is comfortable and supremely natural-looking.

The versatility of the upgraded top construction allows you to change your hair parting, so opt for full bangs one day and swooping side bangs the next!.

This angle-cut page has no permease and can be parted wherever you like.


Length: Front 4.25", Crown 10", Nape 5.75", Sides 7.5", Back 9.5"

Weight: 3.4 oz


Wig Colors: Black Coffee (GL2/6), Dark Chocolate (GL4/8), Mahogany (GL6/30), Dark Chestnut (GL8/10), Hazelnut (GL8/29), Sunlit Chestnut (GL10/12), Walnut (GL10/14), Honey Pecan (GL11/25), Mocha (GL12/14), Golden Walnut (GL12/16), Honey Toast (GL14/16), Sandy Blonde (GL14/22), Buttered Toast (GL15/26), Buttered Biscuit (GL16/27), Toasted Pecan (GL18/23), Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101), Caramel (GL27/22), Chocolate Caramel (GL27/29), Rusty Auburn (GL29/31), Dark Copper (GL30/32), Sangria (GL33/130)

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